Welcome to the Michigan Princess Riverboat: Your Premier Prom Venue

Michigan Princess Riverboat, an exquisite prom venue on the Grand River in Lansing, Michigan.

Celebrate your high school prom aboard the enchanting Michigan Princess Riverboat, Lansing's premier choice among prom venues. Our unique riverboat offers an exciting and memorable experience with a variety of menu options, DJ entertainment, and a full dance floor within an elegant interior you can personalize. The riverboat has three decks available that are enclosed and climate controlled. We can accommodate up to 450 for dancing or 300 for meals.





Unique Prom Themes Aboard Michigan Princess  

Let your imagination set sail as you plan your prom aboard the Michigan Princess Riverboat. Our venue offers a flexible canvas for a variety of prom themes, from classic elegance to modern trends. Whether you're envisioning a starry night under the open sky or a glamorous Hollywood evening, our elegant interiors and panoramic river views provide the perfect backdrop. We encourage creativity and personalization, allowing you to transform our decks into a magical setting that reflects your chosen theme. With our versatile space, you can decorate to your heart's content, making every corner a picturesque spot for memorable photographs. Our team is here to assist in bringing your prom vision to life, ensuring every detail resonates with your theme, from table settings to lighting. Celebrate in style and make your prom a night to remember on the enchanting Michigan Princess.

Create Lasting Memories with Our Prom Packages

Make your prom night special with the Michigan Princess Riverboat. Our packages cater to any school's budget and style, with options ranging from simple packages to deluxe dining experiences.  Whether it's a junior prom or a senior send-off, customize your event to create the perfect prom.

Energetic dance floor on the Michigan Princess Riverboat during a prom event.

Discover a Unique Prom Venue Beyond the Typical Halls and Venues Near Me Search Results

Tired of the endless search for 'rental halls near me' or 'venues near me' for your prom? Look no further than the Michigan Princess Riverboat. This isn't just another prom venue; it's an experience that takes you beyond the conventional 'prom locations near me.' Our riverboat offers a refreshing alternative to the usual 'small venues near me,' providing a grand yet intimate setting. With its river views and elegant ambiance, the Michigan Princess stands out among 'prom venues near me,' offering a memorable and unique setting that goes beyond traditional 'party venues near me.' Let your prom night be a journey of excitement on the water.

Michigan Princess Riverboat docked, showcasing its multi-deck structure, ready for a prom event.

2024 Prom Packages Details

Our 2024 prom packages offer flexibility with guest capacity and cruise options. Choose from dockside celebrations to a 3-hour cruise along the Grand River. Our per-student pricing includes all the essentials for a night of fun and festivity. 2024 Michigan Princess Prom Packages Guest Capacity 50-450 Cruise Options 3-hour cruise on the Grand River, 4 hours of total time on the boat Option to host dockside only Cost Per Student* Option 1: $43 per student - No food, includes unlimited soda Option 2: $55 per student - Choose from 2 dessert menus Option 3: $65 per student - Choose from 4 dinner buffet menus (Unlimited soda can be added to package options 2 and 3 for an additional $3 per person.)

2024 Prom Menu Options from Michigan Princess Riverboat, featuring dessert and dinner arrangements.

Get in Touch for an Unforgettable Prom Experience

Contact our sales team to discuss your prom needs. We're here to ensure your prom is a joyous, hassle-free experience that students will cherish for years to come. Contact our friendly and helpful sales team at (517) 627-2154 or email info@michiganprincess.com to learn more. *Hospitality tip is included in the ticket price.